Microwaveable Slippers - Unisex


Our Price: £21.99

The Microwave Slippers are a natural way of soothing aches and pains, rheumatism, arthritis, bruising, sports injuries, stress and tension.

Contains treated wheat grains. The soothing blend of the heat soothes and relaxes and genuinely relieves discomfort. 

Your slippers can be used as often as required providing it is allowed to cool fully between uses. These soft, cosy slippers are perfect for soothing tired or chilled feet. Designed to ease aches and pains from toe to heel, they may help to improve circulation and ease arthritic pain.

The Microwave Slippers provide a nice and easy way to keep warm on those chilly nights. Simply pop these slippers into themicrowave allow the natural grains to heat up and pop them on.

One size fits all.